About Macor Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Macor Pharmaceuticals Limited is a successful healthcare company operating from Limassol, Cyprus.  Macor was founded in 2009 and since then has been growing exponentially through value added products it supplies to its customers.  Growth has been further increased through strategic partnerships.

Macor operates primarily in the Greek and Cypriot markets by distributing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, excipients and in the near future generic finished pharmaceutical products, that Macor acquires through its numerous partner companies based throughout Europe.

Macor has in-depth knowledge of the needs of the markets in which it operates and experience working with companies that can see to these needs.  A network of partners all over the world and years of experience, ensure that products all conform to the Greek and Cypriot regulatory requirements complete Macorís team.  The result is a growing group able to meet the needs of the markets in which it operates and partners that help Macor do so.

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